Private Server

We run a private, white-listed, modded server for Claytonians to use.
Information about our public server can be found here.


This is a friendly server where people don't live in fear of raids or stolen items/vehicles.
1. NO raiding, griefing, or stealing.
3. Be careful with fire! It spreads!
4. Don't be an ass.


* Server is mostly default settings. Ask on Discord if you have specific questions.
* Loot respawns after 1 month, only if the area has been unseen for 7 days or more.
* Zombies respawn after 1 week, only if the area has been unseen for 2 days or more.
* The server and mod versions will not update.

We run the game without Steam. Steam causes more issues than it solves. Especially in 41.77.
Don't worry, you can still play with the copy you bought on Steam! You can read how to turn off Steam integration here.

The mods we chose to use are mostly QoL and feature adding, nothing that breaks immersion or doesn't fit with the vanilla game style. You can see the mods we are playing with by downloading the mod pack and looking at the directory names.
Unfortunately, you can't use Steam to download the mods because we turned Steam off! Bummer.
You will have to download the mods from us and place them in the correct directory. It's a pain in the ass, but solves a ton of issues with versioning and updates.
You can download our private mod pack here.
Unzip and place the mods in %UserProfile%\zomboid\mods, on Linux it's /home/$user/Zomboid/mods.


You will need to select the 41.77 beta in the game properties. Right-click on the game in your steam library and run the legacy41_77 build of the game. Example

How To Join:

The server is mostly by invite only, but we will consider requests to join. To request access to the private server, we ask that you follow a few simple steps to show that you can read, understand, and follow instructions/rules.

Getting White Listed

1. Join the Claytonia Discord. Find the link. It's on this website, lots of places.
2. In the #bot-stuff channel, type ?rank zomboid2
      This one is tricky, it's two parts, a channel and a command. Maybe read it twice?
3. In the newly visible channel #zomboid-modded, ask to be white-listed. Please include a statement that you understand the rules. We are going to ask you about rule number two, so if you want to save time, copy and paste rule number two into your message.
4. Wait, we are adults with jobs and families. When we read your request, we will talk to you and get you white-listed ASAP.

This sure is a lot of hoops to jump through just to play on your stupid server!

YEP, sure is. And we can be 100% sure that our builds, and yours, will be safe. We also don't want kids and morons on the server, these steps stop them, really well!