Project Zomboid

One of our most popular servers,
Our Project Zomboid server, has been online since 2018 and continues to be the most populated and long-running non-steam servers.
Our server runs without steam and can be joined by both steam and GoG versions of the game.

Server Information

  • Join by searching for Claytonia in the in-game server browser.
  • Mostly default settings.
  • Server resets on major updates.
  • Ask for more info in Discord.


  • NONE. Everyone can join!


There are no rules in the apocalypse! It's complete anarchy, burn everything!


Steam Version

To join us while running the Steam version, you must first:

- Right click Project Zomboid in your Steam library.
- Click Properties.  
- Add -nosteam to your launch options. Example.

- Relaunch the game and search for Claytonia in the server browser.

GOG Version

People who bought the game on might run into an issue joining the server where it says a file is missing on the server. In this case, the fix is to find and rename the file locally. An example of this is to rename /path/to/Project Zomboid/game/projectzomboid/media/lua/shared/Util/Vector2.lua to something like Vector2.lua.gog. When renaming the file, the important part is that is no longer ends in .lua. You could delete the file, but doing so would require a complete reinstall if the file is needed again later.