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This community of gamers is run by and paid for by its members. You can contribute in many ways, from helping run a server, spreading the word about Claytonia, creating content on our subreddit, creating images for our website, and even sharing your ideas. Not everyone is creative, so you can always contribute by donating some cash to help cover operating costs. Please consider donating some of your time or hard-earned cash. It's the only way Claytonia has been able to stay online since 2012.


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We can now use cryptocurrency to pay for all of our hosted services. If you would like you can also donate via a wide array of cryptocurrencies! You can send donations to:
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Bitcoin: bc1qk32vvmcrd5ptqa7tp3km8my20ceh9sxkxm53vh
Litecoin: ltc1q52aqnazsr0nz9v9lfyk59f53hzy2z7a3h76vma
Ethereum: 0xc2A08Ea422a5FEBb445B5081a5C95c9B4158Aa9c
Monero: 4987S5KiYft7zFktpYPSNd66FKc5YEv5nJz8uFPNWNh6ayTkoHRHwQB9MvCY37WT7TQoTdKtN8bsLEhpJja7Y9TPBdvQgee