The server IP is: Port: 25555

Server Information

  • A public Rimworld Together server!
  • We have had a Rimworld Together server online since early 2024.
  • A list of server configs is available.
  • Server reboots and updates daily. See in game broadcasts for info.


  • No required mods.
  • We keep a live list of the approved mods. (Page takes a while to load)
    • You can request a mod be added to the approved mod list. See Discord pinned messages.
  • You can find the recommend mods collection on the Steam Workshop.
    • Mods.txt is the mod list that should to be imported into the mod manager in game.
    • Copy and Paste the text into the mod manager.
    • Recommended mods were chosen because they also work with the other multiplayer mod.


Before we start;

  • We can't help with individual mod issues, there are just too many mods.
    • Try removing the mod causing the issues.

Answers to common questions on Discord:

  • Is the server dead? Why is the server empty?
    • The number 1 asked question!
    • Answer
  • If you get a Connection Lost message, reconnect.
    • Note that on first character creation, you might need to reconnect 2 or 3 times before you get into the game. It's a mod thing, has nothing to do with the server.
  • When I try to connect, nothing happens, it just says connection lost.
    • This is often because the mod version on your client doesn't match the server.
    • You can force update RWT by unsub and resubscribing to the mod in the workshop.
  • I can't select a location to start a colony.
    • On the planet screen where users select a tile to start a colony, the "Next" button at the bottom is missing.
    • This is a known mod issue and should be fixed with the next update.
    • You can find more information about this on the official RWT discord.

We'll keep adding to the troubleshooting section as common problems are solved on discord.