The server IP is:

Server Information

  • This is a public Necesse dedicated server. It's online 24/7 and everyone is welcome to join.
  • This is a no frills, nothing fancy kind of server. There are no ranks and no annoying plugins.
  • The server is run by a small group of Necesse enthusiasts who enjoy vanilla Necesse.
  • We have had a Necesse server online since March 2022.
  • No world border, go explore!
  • No map resets, unless required by a game update.
  • Spawn island resets every day, giving fresh spawns a better experience.
    • Any builds on the surface of spawn island will disappear!
    • Do not waste resources building on spawn island!

Server Settings

  • Day and Night Length: 100%
  • Difficulty : Normal
  • On Death: Drop Materials
  • Mobs spawn: On
  • Hunger: Enabled
  • Forced PvP: Off


None, No plugins or Mods. You do not need to download anything to join the server.


  1. Don’t be an ass..
  2. If it’s not yours – Don’t touch. (No griefing or raiding, [See rule 3])
  3. Don’t be an ass


The questions we get asked the most on Discord are:

  1. Can I protect my builds/island from trolls?
  2. Can I stop people from stealing from my chests?

The simple answer is no.

Explanation: The game offers little to no server admin tools to deal with trolls, and the modding community is still in its infancy. When / If these tools become available, we will implement them ASAP.
If you're concerned about people stealing your stuff or breaking your buildings, I would recommend going far away from spawn before you start to build.

If people can't find you, they can't steal from you (or break your builds).