Claytonia now has a public git server running at
About the server:

  • Long term server
    • As with all Claytonia servers, we plan on it being online for no less than a year. With regard to this git server, it will be online for many years to come. (We will be using it for many different projects, both personal and Claytonia related)
  • Backups
    • Using the built-in Gitea backup dump, a backup is created weekly, encrypted, and is sent to two different cloud storage providers. We have tested the restoration process and have no doubt that in the case of catastrophic failure we're able to restore the instance within a few hours.
  • Terms of Service
    • No illegal, immoral, or dangerous content, PERIOD. Claytonia makes no warranties about any of our websites and shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of our services. This is a free service and is run in our spare time. If anyone causes any issues for us other than the normal admin work load, we have no problem sending you a tar of your stuff and banning you from all Claytonia services.

Questions and requests can be sent to Admin (at) Claytonia (dot) net, or on Discord.