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Mini-Game ideas

Started by Clay, January 07, 2014, 12:23:42 AM

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What mini games would u like to see?
Please post an explanation or video about the game you want.  <--Share the video

Clay  <--Share the video


I think that king of the ladders thing would be great to implement..
If you guys need help setting up mini-game maps I should be able to help.
Like what you see here?

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I like that one. I'll look for some others that we can try as well.

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There's this pvp mini-game I've really wanted to try. It's more of a map though. It's called proximity. I think I'll just let this video explain it :p You don't need to watch all of it. It's just the beginning part of it that's the explanation. Minecraft: Proximity PvP Map
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Ooo, how about Warlords?

Things to do in: Minecraft - Warlords

Hmmm that would only really allow four people though...

There's a bunch of minigames (admittedly, mostly from Achievement Hunters) that we could try out.

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