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Application for Avodas

Started by Avodas, April 08, 2016, 10:09:38 AM

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Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: NSW, Australia
Time zone: NSW? GMT+11 maybe not sure
Your two favorite games: Minecraft & LoL
How did you find out about Claytonia (If someone referred you, write their name)? MinecraftForums
Your pets names: Murphy
What you are good at in real life: Real life? Pfft. I am all virtual my friends :)
What sort of music you like: My genre is mostly EDM House. Fave songs? Ocean Drive and Middle
Do you like sports? (Do you play any?): Yeah! I love NRL and Football(Soccer)
Other communities you are a part of: DSA
What time you normally come online: Most days but my work roster changes weekly so its hard to plan.
Do you like bacon? Yeah!
Have you ever been in a helicopter? Yep, Over the new zealand glaciours
Have you ever been out of your home country? Yes, I am originally from the UK so have travelled alot of europe but now live in australia :)
How long you have played Minecraft: 5 or so years
What you are good at in Minecraft: Building
Why should you be whitelisted?: I am a avid gamer and am looking for a community that can be trusted and entertaining to my internet needs :D
Is PVP and raiding allowed: Don't touch. (No griefing, raiding, or being an ass) and PVP is allowed if both players agree to it.
Have you read the forum posts about Claytonia and its rules: I've read most of the forum post and have read the rules :)
Will you join us in Teamspeak?: I will be more than happy to be in teamspeak!
Anything else you want to share with the community: My endless humor in which I am not funny and personality :D


Quote from: I am a avid gamer and am looking for a community that can be trusted and entertaining to my internet needs :D

You've come to the right place then!


i don't know what i did wrong with that comment but the general idea still stands lol


Hey there, Welcome to Claytonia!

While we wait for Mojang to resolve performance issues with 1.9, the Vanilla world has been disabled.

The Semi-Vanilla world is up and running however, and you're more than welcome to play with us there
Use the IP
Like what you see here?

We can't keep doing it without you!


Castle builder and hoarder of stuff.

Clay  <--Share the video


Welcome to Claytonia! I see you play League? Do you have an account on NA or PBE?

~Zito #corrupt4dmins