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aNether problem. (lol pun)

Started by Yellow Goat, December 23, 2014, 06:26:20 PM

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Yellow Goat

I was gonna take a break from rolling around in all my new steam games, but I'm getting the Communication Error message.

I fear that in my absence the orcs grew bold. They took the opportunity during my leave to banish the heroic and handsome Dwarven King from the lands, using some kind of nefarious orsimer majyyks! Only the power of love can bring me back!

*waits for a kiss from a charming prince*
*and also waits for the server to go back up*

EDIT: Okay new problem. Nether was reset to a pretty early state. The entire tower creek made is gone and so are the wither skeleton and blaze spawners, the wither killing area is also not there. On the bright side I guess the ardite and cobalt must be restored to an earlier state as well, and looking at it from an rp perspective; if this is the past, in the nether, that must mean FEARSPIDER and KILLERMAN and his steed are still alive at this point in the timeline! (they aren't actually there, but hey, let a guy pretend)


Lol, my mistake.. somehow my backup folders got mixed up

I'll restore it to it's former (newer?) state tonight
Like what you see here?

We can't keep doing it without you!


lol you missing your pet spider goat its a shame it killed itself isnt it XD only joking but yh i cant wait for the next map/mods to start
ill join u all then