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Started by Andr01d91, March 01, 2013, 05:35:09 PM

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I am surprised this hasn't been created yet considering all the times we've needed it, but how about a support category in the forums for anything from, "Hey, why do i see diamond all around me?" to "Sorry guys, the server went down for a bit."


Good idea. Will do when I get home.  <--Share the video


I have a few ideas for new forums to be added.

The first - A forum for people to post Vacation/Period of Inactivity times. Just as a reminder to the community that you will be back eventually :p Exact places aren't required for possible personal information, but it would be a good thing to know ahead of time.
Example: I am going to Michigan during my Spring Break, Friday 29th of March to Thursday 4th of April. *note: I am not actually going to Michigan, our trip was canceled*

The second idea - A forum for Non-Minecraft talk. A place where everyone can just chat and really create a community like we want to have. Of course, some rules of the forums: no religious or political debates. Those things tear servers apart, we don't want that.

Just some ideas!

Stay cool  8)
Stay Cool 8)


Since we have a forum games section, I was thinking we should have a server games section (or something similar). In this section we would post any topics related to games, parkour, mazes, or other likewise things people can play on the server. Including instructions on how to play the games, how to get there, what to do, etc.
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