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Server Texture Pack

Started by Obi42, April 07, 2014, 11:55:08 PM

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Our server texture pack is available for download here:

It is highly encouraged that you use it, as most builds are built for it.

Tslat has also made a HD Roleplay Texture pack, see his post below.
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Hey guys, for a while I've been keeping a texture pack of my own.

A number of people have troubles running it, since it's a 64x texturepack with a lot of animations and additional content.
If you can't run it, it may be because you're computer isn't powerful enough, or that you haven't dedicated enough memory to Minecraft.

Here's the link:

There's an alternate version, which contains proper Zombies and Skeletons (Since the RPG pack uses Alfar and Orcs. You can find this here:

Also, for those of you that have trouble reading font with Serifs, or prefer a cleaner font, you can use this as an add-on:
Just select both the texture pack, and the add-on in your in-game resourcepacks menu. Ensure that the add-on is higher in the list than the texturepack

This pack will run on both Optifine and Mcpatcher, though optifine misses out on a number of the nicer features such as dynamic item textures, and custom enchantments.

I'd very highly recommend you run the mcpatcher program with minecraft closed before you use the pack.

The link to MCPatcher is here:

Can view previews here: (nothing specific)
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