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Lore: The Älfar

Started by Allpone, December 18, 2013, 11:14:36 AM

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The Älfar are a mysterious race of which very little is known. While they share similar traits with several other races; they consider themselves pure, and 'above' the other races. They express vehement hatred towards all of the other races, and show extreme hostility towards them (particularly towards Elves).

They are often caught hunting down the other races for blood. This blood is used as paint, which they need for their paintings. They value these paintings equally as much as Golems do with their 'shinies'.

There are a number of well-observed traits that the Älfar posses, such as: Extreme speed and agility, practically impossible capabilities in movement and stealth, and incredible aim they use these traits to their advantage, being very efficient at hunting their prey.

They appear to prefer combat with bows, and it is well recognised that they are a truly deadly foe to reckon with.
The Älfar worship a deity who is referred to as "The Lady of the Night" who appears to either be one of the Five Brothers involved in the creation of the other races, or possibly a sixth deity that has been forgotten through history.

The conflict between the Älfar and the other races seems to transcend the mortal realm, and a conflict between their "Lady of the Night" and her brothers (particularly Arbor) appears to be brewing.