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Server Rules

Started by Allpone, November 08, 2013, 09:46:51 PM

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Welcome to Valebat, the Claytonia Role Playing Server.

  • Your skin must properly represent your race. (check races area for attached photo ideas).
  • No foul language!
  • No helmets or hats at all, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No breaking blocks to get into bases, homes, or cities. No placing blocks to jump walls and what not to get into bases.
    • This includes breaking down doors if locked out.
    • Walls and doors have a meaning. Respect them.
  • No breaking blocks in other races cities or builds.
  • Do not take from private chests, non-community chests, and only from your respective races (unless a golem).
  • Respect other people and their builds.
  • Do not try to kill others or imprison them unless they are being hostile (e.g. Golems inside fortress stealing. Elf trying to steal land. Humans trying to settle on lands).
  • Politics and Roleplay! You do not need to always destroy, kill, or maim to enjoy a good dispute. Politics, trading, and agreements can be just as fun.
  • No breaking into world main spawn to use warps.
  • No Player Mods such as but not limited to Mini Maps.
  • Your chests must be accessible without breaking any blocks other than Dirt or Sand.  Hiding, trapping, and/or otherwise securing your chests is encouraged.
  • You may only repair items that you can craft (See Race Rules).

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