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Server Closing

Started by Clay, May 09, 2014, 03:18:14 AM

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The Towny server will be shut down on 5/22/2014 due to a lack of donations.
The world map will be available for download by request. (PM me, talk to me on TS, or E-mail me)  <--Share the video


Sad :(

Couldn't really get into the server, but it was still fun.
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Yeah, if the Owners hadn't of abandoned it it really had potential. Of course, it didn't help that one of the admins got addicted to WoT and the League afterwords. Wonder who that could have been O_o

~Zito #corrupt4dmins


Things happen.  People get busy.... 

...but this was one of the best servers on which I've played.  If we can double the number of claytonians, I bet we could restart the server and do it right this time.  Until then, we should continue to advertise for claytonia's successful servers, and the forums themselves (D&D!!!!). 
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