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Started by Clay, October 13, 2015, 05:17:07 PM

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Teamspeak has been empty lately. I hate to see the server sitting around 1/2 empty.
The server is available to anyone who needs it as long as they do not cause problems.
When you invite your friends let them know they are encouraged to invite friends and create channels.
Help spread the word about our Teamspeak server, if you know a clan or group of friends that could use a voice chat server invite them to check us out.
You can also help by sharing this video on social media.  <--Share the video


Same for you people who sit in skype talking

Teamspeak is more stable, more open, more friendly, uses less internet bandwidth, and is community supported

Please don't sit in skype to talk, come to teamspeak
Like what you see here?

We can't keep doing it without you!


Once or twice a month we get 40+ people on the server but most of the time it averages out with about 20 people online.
I don't want to continue to spend community funds on a 50 person server but If I take the server down to less than 40 people than once or twice a month the server will be full.
We need your help to fill the server more often so the community money isn't going to waste.
When the server is busy let everyone know they are encouraged to invite friends and use the server as much as they want/need.  <--Share the video


Ill make sure i let everyone know!


I would love to use teamspeak , but don't have a headset :(

Maybe I must investigate prices of them. Any specific brand/models one should look for ?


Logitech makes good headsets.  <--Share the video


I use a Corsair personally, and I love it. Very comfortable and great sound.

~Zito #corrupt4dmins


Help us spread the word about our TS server. Post on this forum thread and say something nice about the server.  <--Share the video