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Jabber/xmpp( instant messenger)

Started by Clay, April 28, 2015, 01:37:25 PM

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So the chat box on the forums failed.....
I started a jabber/xmpp server for us to use instead. With having a TS server this is pointless but I wanted a way to text chat with people on my cell. I don't expect a ton of people to use this. I only created it for the learning experience and S's&G's. I will have the client running on my PC and Cell at all times.  Add me to your roster if you want to chat (
Jabber is an IM server/client. You install the client on your computer/cell, register an account and connect.

To connect download your favorite Jabber client. I recommend Spark.
     *Spark will look like this image 1

your first time using it you will need to create an account. Click accounts in the bottom left of the spark window.
     *see image 2

Choose you username and password and in the Server field put If the account was not created wait a minute and try again. If it still fails e-mail and an account will be created for you.
     *see image 3

Once you have an account created log into the server.
     *see image 4

Ill put up a quick tutorial on how to use a popular xmpp cell app shortly.  <--Share the video


Stay connected with the Claytonia community on the go without giving out your phone number!
All you need is an app on your phone.
I recommend the YAMIP app.

1) Once the app is installed open it.

2) Input your username with the suffix (example:
     *see image 1
2.5) If it is your first time connecting to the server check the "register new account option"
     *see image 3
3) Tap OK in the bottom right to connect.
4) You will be asked to accept a security certificate. Tap Always in the bottom right.
     *see image 2
That's it you're connected!  <--Share the video


I want to try and use this , but I use Kubuntu and Spark doesn't have a ubuntu deb package.
Only rpm  :(

Any other client I can use ?

EDIT: I have found a client "empathy" that can do jabber , but it doesn't have an option to create an account on the server at client side. I will mail that admin to create jabber account for me , and then I might be able to connect with empathy


This entire thing is a pointless endeavour anyway, it should never have been a thing
Like what you see here?

We can't keep doing it without you!


Quote from: Tslat on September 29, 2015, 05:09:33 AM
This entire thing is a pointless endeavour anyway, it should never have been a thing

Oh , how so ? Is nobody talking there ?


We have teamspeak, and every game has its own text chat too

If neither of those are good options, you can start a forum thread.

If you're too lazy for that, send a private message on the forums.

There is just no need for a chat box/program
Like what you see here?

We can't keep doing it without you!


Use pidgin in Linux. Comes pre Installed on most distributions.
Also tslat is right . no one uses this and it is pointless. I created it as a learning experience and gave the finished product to claytonia for shits and grins.  <--Share the video