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Planet Explorers

Started by gargulous, July 31, 2014, 10:47:22 AM

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Hi all, thought I would let you know about a neat game. 'Planet Explorers' is a futuristic resource gathering, roleplaying adventure game, it is in alpha at the moment, and costs $25 on steam. It has single player storyline mode, adventure mode (no storyline but npc's and enemy), and build mode (no enemy, unlimited resourses...great for testing designs.) It also has multiplayer adventure and build modes (and additionally options of cooperative, versus, and survival).

It includes a great builder (similar to the spore item creator, but i think a lot better) which is very versatile, and allows creation of swords, shields, guns (pistol, rifle, lasgun), vehicles (air, land and sea), and objects such as tables, vases, whatever your imagination comes up with.

clay has set up a multiplayer server in adventure mode, supporting 16 peoples at a time, and we have been having a bit of fun there. We would love to see more around, maybe take on a few of the bosses together. ;)


Thanks for posting!

Sorry I have missed you the past few days Garg. Hopefully i will be able to join u in taking over some alien camps tomorrow.

side note, jump into the D&D section and introduce yourself.  <--Share the video


I would love to play whats the server?


Anyone got a video of this game?

~Zito #corrupt4dmins

Clay  <--Share the video


That looks sort of interesting.

~Zito #corrupt4dmins