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We are back baby!

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Started by Clay, May 28, 2013, 02:09:37 AM

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We now also have a White-Listed  Tekkit server available to our 18 and over members. We are currently running the latest version of the new Technic featuring Galacticraft. Our Tekkit server can be connected to at

This server and the Vanilla server are run by donations from the community. Without the generous donations from members of our community this server will not last. Please consider making a donation to Claytonia to keep the servers and community alive.

You can make a one time donation by clicking here, or a Subscription options is available by clicking Here.  <--Share the video


On august 15 the tekkit server is up for the next payment cycle. Due to a lack in donations and players we will not be able to renew the host for the server. For those of u who do play tekkit now is the time to donate. If the server does shut down the map will be made available for download.  <--Share the video


Oh no! I wish I could donate... Maybe when my paycheck comes if I have enough...

~Zito #corrupt4dmins


Put my donation towards keeping the server up, if it doesnt eventuate and stay up ill certainly take that world download :)