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Origins part1

Started by VTA, September 06, 2014, 10:11:04 PM

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Many centuries ago, there existed a world filled with many different creatures and
Sentient races. This world was called Terra.
Terra was a peaceful land where all manner of people could roam free from danger.
One day however, that all changed when a darkness known as the Void started leeching into the world, corrupting the minds and souls of the people.

The people of Terra started arguing and fighting and soon the world erupted into war.
The war was so fierce that it started creating tears in the dimension, allowing more and more void to enter. This continued until the Void began consuming the world itself.

It is said that at exactly eleven hours before the world was destroyed the high wizards of the land started chanting.
Lights started flashing from their bodies; blue, red, yellow, and green spears of light released from their bodies and started holding back the void. This gave the remaining citizens a chance to escape.
The elves retreated to the Twilight forest, the Dwarves disappearing into the nether and the humans filing into the Ender dimension. Not long after the last of the residents had vacated from the doomed world, it was consumed by the void.

The wizards that remained on Terra when it was consumed became known as void walkers, with the ability to travel from dimension to dimension.
Over time, all but one of these Void Walkers were lost to the darkness.
This last remaining high wizard decided a single, safe world was needed, able to defend itself from the Void.

He traveled to each dimension, collecting essence. Once he found enough, he combined it with pure life force, and for a millennium he stood in the middle of what would be his new world, drawing all manner of life and energy to him until an almighty explosion of light and energy occurred, creating his new world, his Sanctuary.