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Twilight Forest

Started by Allpone, August 20, 2014, 02:43:05 PM

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The Twilight Forest belongs to the Elves, as such they feel that the whole land is there responsibility. The elves are open and willing to share the wealth of their lands (the twilight as a whole) but they believe that tribute should be given to the Elves for the use of their lands and portal. By this same code the Elves often gift those whom they are friends with. The only other rule is with their saplings that are of the twilight Forest there are five sacred trees to the Elves which they will not give freely or willingly. To break the rule of tribute may be forgiven and is more of an irritation to the elves that others may be of such (to them) rude behavior. Which could lead them to treat those of such behavior with hostility, but can be made up for in short time. If found breaking the second rule would be a direct insult to the Elven Race and may lead the elves to war, if not shortly rectified. Tribute commonly given is steel leaf  found in dungeons ( not normally needed by other races).