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Mobs spawn in Spawn

Started by Larky17, September 28, 2013, 03:39:34 PM

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Exactly what it says. Been killed twice walking out of my house in Spawn by Creepers. I think creepers have a personal vendetta against me.


Maybe the spawn needs to be lit up better
Like what you see here?

We can't keep doing it without you!


Excuse my stupidity but how did you get a house in spawn? It should be protected


Until I finish mine in the Forest Biome, I put my bed above my Food Market, which coincidentally somehow became my house. My farm and animal ditches are to the east of the city.


Devo, he is living in his shop that he got from the spawn plot, until he gets his house built. Larky, Mobs don't spawn in spawn, they walk in the gates and get you, since you live so close to them.

~Zito #corrupt4dmins