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We are back baby!


Started by PrimeZz, February 23, 2013, 01:58:18 PM

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1. Shout -Displays a message in chat every few min.

2. FoundBoxx - Announces when a player finds diamonds. Used to help identify x-rayers.

3. Orbfuscator - Prevents X-ray cheats from working.

4. Group Manager

5. Street Lights - Used to light up spawn area.

6. World Edit - Used to help build more quickly.

7. Core Protect - Allows us to roll back any grief that might happen.

8. Simple-AutoSave - Saves the world every two min.

9. Buycraft - Allows player to donate for perks.

10. PermissionsEx - Sets permissions for each user group.

11. Multiverse-Portals - Used to creat the portals you see in spawn.

12. World Guard - Does too much to list.

13. Essentials - Does way too much to list.

14. Essentials Protect

15. Essentials Spawn

16. Multiverse-Core - Give us the ability to have multiple worlds on the same server.

17. LWC - Protects your chests.

18. Area Protect - Gives players the ability to protect their own stuff from griefers.

19. Craftbook

20. Essentials Chat

21. Essentials AntiBuild

If you would like to see a Plugin added please post in the request topic.