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A Figure of Speech

Started by Clay, March 30, 2020, 09:10:11 PM

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Can we find all 27 figures of speech?

  • Kick the bucket
  • All eggs in one basket
  • Ace up sleeve
  • from rags to riches
  • Playing cards close to chest
  • peice of cake
  • cherry on top
  • dont spill the beans
  • in a nut shell
  • ear worm
  • born w silver spoon in mouth
  • time flies
  • cat got your tongue
  • got the cat by the tail
  • he wears his heart on his sleeve
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1. Kick the bucket
2. All eggs in one basket
3. Cat's got your tongue
4. Time flies
5. Piece of cake
6. Ace up my sleeve
7. Ear worm
8. Wearing your heart on your sleeve
9. Spilling the beans
10. Got a screw loose

That's all I got at the moment
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