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Started by bluejeanbuddha23, November 29, 2014, 02:32:22 PM

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SO here it goes, so far I have accumulated 6 extra life hearts(crafted and ingested) but i recently logged on around 2:20 pm 11/29/2014 and they were gone. all my hearts are red I don't have any yellows and I don't know what happened. Heres what I think, either some ultra creeper from the creeper farm did something orrrrr I made a mecha golem and used it and that took my hearts away. If someone could re-add them that would be Very Awesome! Or even some info on the matter would be great, so that this doesn't happen again.


ok so i figured it out, they were in my armor gui where they are supposed to be, but were not activated? I re-ingested them and have them back.


Yeah they sometimes tend to not work, you just have to re-use them and they'll appear again
Like what you see here?

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