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Server Rules

Started by VTA, June 28, 2014, 11:03:23 PM

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Hexxit Server Rules
All rules are subject to change

"Hard rules" (must be followed to the letter; breaking these will
result in bans or harsh penalties).

  • No griefing
  • No stealing (unless it's a quest requirement and then only a
    specific item as laid down in the quest details)
  • No offensive talking or acting (racism, sexism, etc..)
  • Treat others with respect
  • Follow the instructions of the admins
  • No crafting soul cages and soul gems
  • No one can build nether portals twilight forest portals or
    dimensional doors. These are to be admin-created only
  • You can only build within your race's city, unless told otherwise
    by an admin or your race ruler who must ask an admin

"Soft Rules" (more like guidelines than actual rules breaking these
won't get you banned but may have bad consequences in game)

  • No PVP in Midrelm (the central city). 
  • No breaking spawner cages. These can be disabled with torches instead
  • The use of blood and dark magic is forbidden by the Grand Wizard 
  • Follow the Grand Wizard and your race leader's laws/rules

Race Overview

  • Dwarves are the only race who can use Tinker's smeltery
  • Dwarves are the strongest melee
  • Humans are the only race that can enchant
  • Humans are the best average race in combat
  • Elves are the only race who can brew potions
  • Elves are the best ranged race

Dwarf Rules
Human Rules
Elf Rules