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Simple Region Market

Started by RTab, February 28, 2014, 12:05:12 AM

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<> - Optional argument
[] - Required argument

Command   Description
/srm   Show version info
/srm help <#>   Show SRM Help pages
/srm limits   Dump limits.yml file to game chat
/srm list <type> <page>   List all regions
Filter results by <type>: rent, let, sell, bid
/srm addmember <player> <regionID>   Add a member to your region
/srm remmember <player> <regionID>   Remove a member from your region
/srm stats [global/userBuy/userSell]   Show econ stats
/srm gs <region>   Teleport to an available region
/srm tp [regionID]   Teleport to a region your own or are a member of
/srm clear [regionID]   Remove members/owners from a region
/srm clearall   Remove all members/owners from all regions
/srm remove [regionID]   Remove a region from the market