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1. Dungeons and Dragons

Started by Tokilin, May 10, 2015, 11:39:52 AM

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Dungeons and Dragons:

   Dungeons and Dragons is classified as a table-top role playing game. Its ultimate goal is to advance your character and complete the various events and challenges brought forth by the omnificent being of the make-believe realm: The Dungeon Master. The adventures you set out on are limitless in numbers and can all be different, such is the beauty of tapping into the human psych constantly to add to the realm. Throughout these next few threads, you should obtain a basic idea on how the game works.
   It's a simple game to get into, even simpler if you have a friend who is also playing, but no matter what you'll need others to play the game. The basic path you'll take when getting into any game will be:

  • Find an open campaign
  • Create or pick a character from your reserves to be a part of said campaign
  • Advance through the campaign completing the ultimate goal of the campaign
  • Reap the rewards of said campaign
   Of course there are a few things to learn before you jump right into it, like how to fight or the "D&D Mindset". Thankfully your Dungeon Master should understand when you don't quite understand all the concepts and will work with you to get through the hard time.
   Before we get you started, let's cover a few of the basic principles.
Until next time, this was Toki
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