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Server Info & Rules

Started by RTab, January 21, 2014, 12:58:42 AM

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What we are about
We are currently a semi-vanilla/economy server with Towny,McMMO,A Live Map, and other fun plugins. We have a very friendly staff and will help in any way possible. We also have a few small shops at spawn for the players who enjoy using an economy. Our community is comprised of  good, mature, people working on a lot of team builds in the server. Our TeamSpeak voice chat server is very active. If you want to meet a new  minecraft partner or just go off and start a solo build on a new map come check us out.

Current Plugins
Dynmap - Link on our website to view the map.
McMMO - Lets you rank up skills and get rewards!
Towny - Trading,Selling,and Buying!
Core Protect - Logs every single action on the server.

1.  Do Not in any way inhibit other players enjoyment of the game. This includes griefing, raiding(except for in the wild )
2.  NO cheats or hacked clients.
3. Keep the world looking nice. No 1X1 towers or floating trees.
4. Don't be an ass.
5. NO Chat Spam

Connection info:
Teamspeak :
Website :
Dynmap :